Saturday, July 7, 2012



  1. Wow, great perspective! Really neat.

  2. Hi again! I got your message at my place (thank you!) and since I wasn't sure if you would go back there, I thought I would leave a reply here!

    The very best way to get more comments at your blog, in my experience, is to leave lots of comments at other blogs and be patient. I started doing this particularly when I started Illustration Friday maybe seven months ago? Anyway, at first I'd be leaving tons of comments and I'd get very few back, like maybe 1 for every 15-20 comments I left. But as the weeks went by it increased little by little (though some people will never comment back. I usually try a few times and then stop commenting at those).

    I think the same would work for anyone. Tons of nice people out there, and tons who do Illustration Friday if you keep doing it. I know you didn't exactly ask for advice but just in case you find it helpful, I have left some. ;)

  3. Cool drawing; I like the use of the little colored lines. And I agree with Cindy about the perspective. I don't remember ever drawing from this angle and it's interesting! I browsed your blog and especially like a couple of your other pieces too: "Future Home" and "Garden Variety".

    Cindy's also right about blog comments. What she did is working for me too! Just post your work in a place that people can find it such as Illustration Friday. Then browse blogs and leave comments. You'll start to gather new visitors both ways. Happy creating!

  4. I agree! AWESOME perspective!! I fear he may hit his head!

    1. Hi Mit,
      Thanks for the comments. I was checking out your site and really like the cow chased by cats. The cats have a real live feel to them.